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Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

posted this question before but i wanted to see if there were any new ideas...royal blue prom hair, brown eyes, pale skin. I think ive decided blue shadow would be too much blue and be overpowering. A makeup artist at the mall said to do some natural/warm colors. I want something that looks a little more dramatic for the prom, but not over the top and overwhelming. Any new ideas?

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

Blue is actually a very good color, but use a soft, light shimmery blue so its not so overpowering. I have brown eyes and use blue shadow often because it makes your eyes stand out. Use a navy blue liner and black mascara.

If you really don't want blue, a light violet with some silver or a pale pink would look nice, too.

Use a lipstick color that has either cool or neutral undertones and is no more than 2 shades darker than your natural lip. Using one that is too dark will wash out the rest of your face.

Use a blush that is also has a cool or neutral undertone. Don't use one too dark or you may end up looking like an old lady or a hooker. Or both. :p

Start your makeup with good face wash and moisturizer. Next use a foundation that matches your skin tone to even out any blemishes in your complexion. Because you are young, you can use a powder foundation so it feels less bulky.

Apply blush from the outside in brushing it just below your cheekbone.

Lipstick should be applied on the upper lid first from the inside out. Follow along the edge of your lip and if you go over a tad, use a dry tissue to wipe it away right away.

For the eyes, use 2 colors, the darker color along the lid of the eye, and the lighter one below the brow bone to the crease. Blend the two colors together on your eyelid. Apply eyeliner from the inside out. Where you start on the edge of your eye depends on what you like. If your eye won't stay still, stretch the lid accross with your other hand and it will hold still. Wipe the excess off of the mascara wand onto a tissue and open the eye very wide. Apply it by holding the brush a the bottom of the lashes and sweeping upward as you blink. Apply a second coat after the first one dries for a more dramatic affect.

I hope this helped! Good Luck!!

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

You could always have your makeup professionally done at a nice salon, not at the mall were the people are always going to be trying to sell you stuff that you don't need. Book an appointment beforehand like 5-2 hours before your prom so you have lots of time to get ready. Good luck and I bet you'll stand out :)

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

warm colors would be best,like different shades of brown,but if your looking for dramatic,then put eyeshadow on a little darker then normal,also try it now before prom to see if its what you want and like.

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

Try this website, it's a fee virtual makeover, you can even request for free samples, to try before the prom.

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

Well I hate to tell yyou this, but

royal blue dress+red hair= DISASTER

Unless it is too late, I would buy a dress from here:

Those are just a few. I am sure if you google "prom dress" it will give you more though. I am begging you not to go to that prom in a blue dress. You only get one prom and you want to look good for it. Take it from me, a red had in a blue dress is NOT a good mix. Please pick something other than a royal blue dress before you start worrying about your makeup.

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

Blue isn't overpowering, as long as you do it right. Try a light, glittery blue, or a light, glittery gray. They will complement your dress. Or if you still don't want blue, use a light glittery brown or gold. Those are neutral. Lip colors should stick with a light pink or just clear. Or if you have the self-confidence to pull it off, bright red would complement your hair. Good luck and I hope I helped!

BTW, a dusty rose blush would be perfect, too.

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

I like the Almay trios. They make at least one or two trios to bring out eye color for every eye color. It works for me, and it isn't too much. And I like lip gloss to go with more color on the eyes. That way you aren't wearing too much make-up.

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

go to click on prom tips then makeup

Check it out, you'll love it!

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

To intensify the color of your eye shadow, use a sponge applicator. For a slightly more dramatic effect, apply your shadow wet with a brush; this will deepen and brighten the hues as well as increase shimmer

i would suggest smoky eyes


it looks great

but if u want to suttle it down a little use light gray eye shadows and brown/blue eyeliner..

In order to achieve the 閳ユ笩mokey eyes閳?look you must select dark, neutral colors. Black eyeliner with gray eye shadow will work well for the smokey eyes appearance. First, line your eyes with a black eye liner pencil. Make sure you line both top and bottom paying close attention to lining around the natural eyelid contour. You can use concealer under your eyes with a thick coat of powder that will catch any excess eye shadow, which will later be brushed away so you don't get the dark colors under your eyes.

After you line your eyes carefully smudge the liner in the outer corners to soften the line. Then apply a thin line of black eye shadow over your eyeliner to further soften the look and create a stronger contrast. Next apply your eye shadow all over your eyelid, use a charcoal shadow or a neutral brown. Now top it off with black mascara and neutral lipstick and blush colors.

Still wondering if there are any other ideas about prom makeup?

good makeup

Prom hairstyle question!!!!!?

I want to wear my hair down for prom and have it curly. I want to do something to it though, so it doesnt just look like its curly and unpolished. Any pics??? Please help!!!

Prom hairstyle question!!!!!?

Why do you do like a poof in the front??? I hope you know what I mean

Like this just the hair down and the front part where her bangs would be

Prom hairstyle question!!!!!?

You could pull the top section back for a sort of half-up half-down look (but more down than up, if you know what I mean), so you let your face show. Or you could do a side-part, which always looks hot with curly hair. Or, better yet, you could combine the two, by pinning back the hair you put to the side. Keep it simple though, because I always find it annoying when girls do these cheesy curly gelled-back and sparkly jobs, instead of keeping it simple and elegant.

Prom hairstyle question!!!!!?

check the links below for beauty tips to:-- * Prom Hairstyles

Does anyone know where i can find a picture of heidi klum's hair last night on project runway?

i know, random lol. but i saw her on the runway part of the episode and i'm like that's totally the way i want to do my hair for prom! anyway thanks for the help!

Does anyone know where i can find a picture of heidi klum's hair last night on project runway?

u could either google it, or mabye go to

Does anyone know where i can find a picture of heidi klum's hair last night on project runway?

google it!

Anyone have advice about prom?

all my other friends have gotten prom dress and hair catalogs in their mail but i havent, why? they didnt subscribe to any magazine or anything! maybe i shouldnt go to prom and this is a sign. i dont think anyone will ask me anyways, and its so stressful and expensive. what do you all think?

Anyone have advice about prom?

its not a sign, dont worry! maybe its just a sign that you wont get ripped off! definently go, three of my best friends didnt go last year but me and like 15 others did and we all had a ball and they really regretted not going and felt left out. its a definite high school experience, and i painted my own nails and had a friend do my hair and shopped around till i found a cheap but gorgeous dress. the most expensive thing was the ticket, so you dont need to break the bank. have fun!

Anyone have advice about prom?

You should go! A prom isnt just about having a date! You can do your hair at home with your moms help, go look on eBay or at a thrift store for a dress! (Thats where I got mine absolutley gorgeous) Its easier to get ready then people say it is.

Anyone have advice about prom?

You should go to PROM even if nobody asks you. Go with girlfriends. It is a once (or twice) in a lifetime event. You will regret it if you don't go. Especially to your Jr. Prom. the one you work to put on for the Sr. Class. It is very special. I didnt' get asked to mine and I was the chairman of the Prom Committee. So I asked a friend (male) who had just broken up with his girlfriend. We had a great time. No pressure ~ I made my dress myself (I learned to sew in 4-H). It can be expensive but hey, it is ONCE IN A LIFETIME !!!

Anyone have advice about prom?

Girl, let me tell you something.

Prom is such an expense and going off to college is so expensive... so maybe you and a few of your friends who aren't going to prom can just pig out, hang out, shoot the breeze

or you can get a lil dress at mandys or wetseal, or forever21, drive to the place, pay your ticket. Wash your hair and wear it in waves, and buy some cute matching shoes. Still go, but not blowing every penny you have.

Anyone have advice about prom?


Anyone have advice about prom?

four on the floor at all times when dancing with a guy. lol that's what my spanish teacher says every year.

Prom Preparation?

What is the best way to prepare before going to the prom.. beauty and hair wise?

Prom Preparation?

exercise few weeks before

wax legs day before so any redness goes down fast

eat healthily all the time

NO DIET- but a balanced diet

have a long bath the night before with some hair mask and moisturise really well afterwards with rich cream.

im going to leave my hair half up half down and curl parts of it

enjoy the night!

Prom Preparation?

exercise 3 hours a week start to get in habbit

eat healthily

soak hair in oil (olive is good) for silky locks

wax the day before - redness can go

trim, cut your hair the week before to make sure there is no split ends

moisturise daily everywhere from a few weeks before for silky smooth skin

wear face masks and cucumber for the eyes every day from the week before

start to get ready 2 hours before-make sure you're not late

bathe in oils

file nails and do mani-pedi

hope this helps


Prom spending?

How much did you spend on your prom? Like dress, hair, ect.

Prom spending?

i spent $535.62

Prom spending?

My sophomore year: around $60

My junior year: around $80

My senior year: around $250

Prom spending?

Everyone spends different amounts of money on their proms. There is ALWAYS a way to go cheap and still look cute if that is what you want to hear.

Prom spending?

Around $500.... but that was years ago.

Prom spending?

i would say 200 because it is reasonable but it depends on if ur mom is willing to pay that much or if u r paying r u willing to spend that much?

Prom spending?

$300 on the dress

$40 on jewelry

$30 on shoes

forgot how much on hair... did my make up myself

Prom spending?

About 750ish.

Prom Help!?

I am a Sophmore, and so this will be my first time going to Prom. I am going with a guy who is pretty much my best friend, and I am really excited. Does anyone have any advice on anything about Prom? {Dresses, dancing, hair, flowers, anything} Thanks!!!

Prom Help!?

No cute shoe is worth the pain. My senior prom was awful. My heels were too high and I couldnt even walk by 9pm.

Dont over due the will look back when you are older and think omg..whjat was I thinking.

and dont give it up.

Prom Help!?

Prom is extremely fun! :)

You have to wear a formal dress (not Sunday clothes or anything)

Dancing-just dance like no one is watching you

I liked my hair up and out of my way-do what you feel comfortable with

Get him a corsage (SP?)-a flower to pin on his jacket/suit

~MAIN THING: have fun!